3%-1.5%-0.5% Commission

PAY NO MORE THAN 3% TOTAL SELLING COMMISSIONS. Your property gets listed on the MLS® system of the Ottawa or Toronto Real Estate Board. Thats up to 4.5% total savings. On a $500,000 home sale that's, up to, $22,500 in savings. Buyers Agent Commission Included. Call for Details.

0% For Sale "By Owner"

0% Real Estate commissions & NO upfront Fees. Sell on your own "By Owner" and pay absolutely NO commission &  NO upfront fees. PAY ONLY WHEN YOU SELL. Full Realtor® Support & Assistance included- For Sale Sign, Lockbox, Web Listing, We Take Calls , Prepare & Negotiate Offers, . Call for details.

Buyer Cash Rebates

$1,000's in cash back, or more, when you purchase new or existing resale homes through us. Example: Purchase a $400,000 home - get up to $5,000 CASH REBATE. Just buy your next New or Resale home through us - we will give you Buyer Cash Back. No Buyer Contract Required. Call for Details.

Realtor® Commissions

Realtor® commission details.


3% - We charge 3% total commission which INCLUDES BUYER AGENTS commission of 2.5%. Our portion is only .5%.

1.5% -  If we find the buyer and there is NO BUYERS AGENT involved then we charge only 1.5% instead if 3%.

0.5% -We also allow you to participate in the marketing of your own property, if you wish, and if YOU FIND THE BUYER through your own efforts we only charge you 0.5% instead of 3%.

What Services are Included?


  • We have over 30 years Real Estate Buying and Selling experience.
  • Your property gets listed on the Ottawa or Toronto Real Estate Board's Canada wide MLS® system.  
  • You get a no cost professionally accurate market evaluation.
  • We take up to 25 high quality colour photos of your property
  • You get a key lock box installed on your door so other agents can show your home.
  • You get a professional "For Sale" sign installed in front of your house
  • We handle all sign calls from interested buyers We handle all agent showing request as well as coordinate all showings
  • We receive and negotiate all offers from agents and buyers
  • We look after paying the buyer's agent following closing 
  • We assist with home inspections
  • We provide documents and details to your lawyer, as required
  • We assist with banking or mortgage details, as required
  • All of our Ottawa Agents have access to five (5) area corporate work centres and business lounges. (Kanata, Ottawa Downtown, Queensway Centre, St Laurent)* 
Real Estate Buyer Cash Rebates

Recent Real Estate Buyer Rebates Below:

B and  A. $11,750

Fen and Shing $9,375

Steve and Helen $8,807

Kwok and Yun $8,531

Marc $3,956

Tim and Ewa $7,087

Pavel and Dong $7,850

Adam & Elixabeth $8093 

Bill and Michelle $7,937

Peter $1,659 J

ar and Bog $5,000

Mark and Elie $5750

William and Caroline $5,250

Eunkyung $5,180 Raj $1,625


We have receive top ratings and awards from our competition as well as local news journals.

1) We are rated as one of the top ranked real estate brokerages, by the Ottawa Business Journal.

2) Rated one of the top 100 colleagues out of 3000 real estate agents, by one of the largest national real estate brokerages in Canada.

3) Over 30 Years Real Estate Buying and Selling Experience.

4) Canadian Government Approved Real Estate Service Provider.

Government Approved Service Provider

We are Registered Government of Canada Real Estate Relocation Service Providers.

1) Government of Canada (GoC), 

2) Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP),

3) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

About Us

We offer full 3% REALTOR® SELLING COMMISSION - plus - 0% "FOR SALE BY OWNER" SELLING COMMISSION- Plus - BUYER CASH REBATES. We are industry leaders in creating innovative real estate solutions that make sense to Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents. We offer the same FULL realtor.ca services as those large franchised real estate brokerages. The only difference is our business model. Our extremely high sales volume combined with our low- low overhead and drastically reduced middlemen allows us to pass the savings onto you, the consumer. We have been called the Uber of the Real Estate Brokerage industry! Our business model allows us to offer one of the lowest full service real estate Listing / Selling commissions in the industry.We are Ottawa's leader in low cost FULL SERVICE real estate services. We are rated as one of the top ranked real estate brokerages by the Ottawa Business Journal as well as we are rated as one of the top 100 colleagues, out of 3000 real estate agents, by one of our largest real estate brokerage competitors in Canada. 

All of our Ottawa Agents have access to five (5) area corporate work centres and business lounges. (Kanata, Ottawa Downtown, Queensway Centre, St Laurent)* 

Full Realtor Provided Services
Full Realtor Provided Services
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Full Service - Low Commissions
Full Service - Low Commissions
Government Approved Service Provider
Government Approved Service Provider
Buyer Cash Rebates
Buyer Cash Rebates
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How Do We Do It?

Our high sales volume + Low Overhead Costs + Fewer Middlemen = Lower Real Estate Commissions. We then pass on all the saving to you the consumer. We are Ottawa's leader in low cost FULL  SERVICE real estate services. Same real estate service at lower costs - Guaranteed