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Top 5 Things Buyers Need to Know – When Buying Directly from A Builder.

buying a new home from a builder

Thinking of buying a new home from a builder, as apposed to buying and existing resale home, these are the top 5 things you need to know.
In my experience, the Builders, sale people usually will not volunteer this information.

What Is My Property Address Going to Be?

Most new home-builders require buyers to select their property from a map or plan that shows the lot number, not the actual property address.

It is very important for some people who are superstitious, as they may have a problem with certain street address numbers. For example, there is a stigma with the number 13 or the number 4. (Number Stigma).

What Type of Property Will Be Located Behind, Across the Street or Beside Me?

We recommend that buyers, whenever possible, should purchase homes that back, fronts or are beside similar of better type homes.

For example, if you purchase a single family detached home the homes across the street, behind or beside you should also be single family detached homes. Why? Because if you purchase a single-family home and town-homes, semi-detached, condos or and dissimilar type property are within proximity to you, this could influence your future market value.

Is My New Home Going to Have the Exact Options and Features As The Model Home?

Usually not! Builder model homes have upgraded options designed to be more appealing. What option are included, and what option are considered upgrades. It can be very overwhelming for the first-time new home buyers.

Are There Objects Nearby That Could Affect My Future Resale Value?

Big Green Hydro boxes, Post Office Community Mail Box, Bell or Cable Boxes, Fire Hydrant, Street Lights, etc.

Builder don’t mention or volunteer the location of any of these objects unless you ask. Properties that have these objects, in my experience may sometimes affect your future resale value.

Call Us Anytime and we will explain other import thing you also need to know.

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