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Toronto’s Low Cost Full Service Real Estate Brokerage. Offering 3.0% to 3.5% Real Estate Listing Commission. Plus Our Buyers Get Cash Back.

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3.5%  full service, with full realtor  provided Selling Commission.


Buy any new  home using  our Realtors and  get up to 1.25% in Cash Back

Buy & Sell & Save

3.0% listing commission. Plus Buy and get up to 1.25% in Cash Back..

“Thank you for the rebate, it is definitely going to help us in setting up our home. Once again I would like to thank you for all the help and support. Being new to Canada and buying the first home is never an easy task and it is going to be a very large investment financially and emotionally. I am so glad to meet you on this journey, you have really helped us from the first call until we buy the house. You have really supported us explaining each and everything about the house which makes us understand and eventually helped us to make a decision. Thank you for your patience and time. Going forward I will recommend you for all of my friends who are preparing for the mission of home buying.”

V.H. & S.H.


“My story (Ottawa): I had been in the real estate market for about a month – started with not knowing anything on how real estate agencies work and how a deal is done. I first went with a bunch of National big name brand real estate brokerages in Ottawa. I  quickly came to know how much they get paid being my agent from the other side.”

I found Commission Wise’s Buyer Cash Back to be unbeatable. Their Service & Expertise can’t be matched. Excellent!