Buying and Selling Services

We Are a Full Service Realtors® , Offering Complete Buyer and Seller Services

A low commission rate can make your property more attractive to potential buyers compared to similar properties with higher commission rates. This increased exposure can lead to a faster sale and the results you want. Are you buying a new home? Moving can be expensive, but imagine having an extra $2,000 – $15,000, or more, in your pocket. With our 50% buyer bonus, you can save on costs by receiving 50% of the buyer’s Realtors® commission in the form of a rebate. This helps make buying a new property more affordable for you.

Benefits for property buyers and sellers:
Save on costs with our 2.5% selling commission rate and get a 50% buyer bonus. As a property owner who needs to buy and sell a home, working with our real estate agent can provide significant cost savings. You’ll receive the same level of expertise and support, ensuring a smooth and successful buying process. Plus, receive expert guidance from a professional real estate agent every step of the way.

In conclusion, working with a real estate agent who offers a low commission rate and buyer bonus can provide several benefits for property sellers and buyers alike. Whether you want to maximize your profits, save on costs, or receive expert guidance, choosing a low commission real estate agent is a smart choice. *NOTE: CONDITIONS APPLY. LISTING FEES AND COMMISSION REBATES MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE – CALL FOR COMPLETE DETAILS*