Wise Real Estate Buying and Selling Services
5% - 4% - 3% Commission Rates
5% - 4% - 3% Commission Rates
Full Realtor Provided Services
Full Realtor Provided Services
Full Service - Low Commissions
Full Service - Low Commissions
Government Approved Service Provider
Government Approved Service Provider
Buyer Cash Rebates
Buyer Cash Rebates
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5% - 4% - 3% Commissions

PAY as Low as 3.0% TOTAL SELLING COMMISSIONS. Your property gets listed on the MLS® system of the Ottawa or Toronto Real Estate Board. Thats up to 2.0% total savings. On a $500,000 home sale that's, up to, $10,000 in savings. Buyers Agent Commission also Included. Call for Details.

Buyer Cash Rebates

$1,000's in cash back, or more, when you purchase new or existing resale homes through us. Example: Purchase a $400,000 home - get up to $5,000 CASH REBATE. Just buy your next New or Resale home through us - we will give you Buyer Cash Back. No Buyer Contract Required. Call for Details.

Recent Real Estate Buyer Rebates Below:

Trish $7,373.75

Devon $10,375

Peter $ 8,212.50

Vince $3,580

M & C $2,769.47

Julie & Y $3,293.75

Colin & S $2,625.00

B and  A. $11,750

Fen and Shing $9,375

Steve and Helen $8,807

Kwok and Yun $8,531

Marc $3,956

Tim and Ewa $7,087

Pavel and Dong $7,850

Adam & Elixabeth $8093 

Bill and Michelle $7,937

Peter $1,659 J

ar and Bog $5,000

Mark and Elie $5750

William and Caroline $5,250

Eunkyung $5,180 Raj $1,625

How Do We Do It?

Our high sales volume + Low Overhead Costs + Fewer Middlemen = Lower Real Estate Commissions. We then pass on all the saving to you the consumer. We are Ottawa's leader in low cost FULL  SERVICE real estate services. Same real estate service at lower costs - Guaranteed