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Marijuana Rules for Condominiums

Real Estate Rules for Condominiums

Marijuana Real Estate Rules for Condominiums

With the news of Cannabis Legislation being introduced shortly, condominium corporations are racing to put rules into place.

Many condominium managers and board members are asking, why the rush? There are important reasons for putting new rules in place now. Those rules should not only cover the smoking of marijuana but also should deal with the cultivation and delivery of cannabis to the condominium.

Some condominium corporations are taking this opportunity to become “smoke free” by prohibiting smoking of any kind in units and common areas. When this is done, existing smokers are “grandfathered”.

To understand the impact of marijuana, how to implement rules and what it means to “grandfather” smokers.

This topic has been a very “hot” topic these past couple of months. The following discussions outline some of the concerns that condo managers and board members should address:

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